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We almost called this one The Switch Sommelier. Erez talks to Tisha, our support lead and resident switch expert, about the pros and cons of all of our keyswitches. New episodes every month.

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Duration: 37m 37s

“It's the thing that lets your keyboard send stuff to your computer.”

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Duration: 22m 53s

“Think of a hardwood floor that's made of little planks of wood that are closely joined together.”

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Duration: 18m 10s

“Surround more of your senses with the work that you're doing.”

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Duration: 26m 3s

“I'm glad there's not a camera. I'm gonna put my face down close to the keyboard.”

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Speed linear
Duration: 26m 10s

“It's not, like, a tactile extravaganza”

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Duration: 21m 48s

“It feels productive, it makes you feel productive.”

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Duration: 16m 14s

“Like the sound of walking on gravel.”

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Duration: 21m 7s

“It could be almost like a white noise generator.”

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Duration: 17m 36s

“Like a roller coaster where you kind of go up the hill and then there's a rounded top before you go back down.”

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