The Zip Kit

Build a tiny spaceship.

The Zip Kit

When we created the Moonlander, we set out to make a modular system. Not only did we put a sturdy mounting point at the bottom (for the Tripod Kit and other accessories), but we also made it easy to remove the Wing, the keycaps, and the keyswitches.

This makes it possible to repair the Moonlander for years to come — but it also makes it easy to shrink it down.

The Zip Kit Possibilities
The Zip Kit Label
The Zip Kit Label

Diffuse or focused: The black key covers let the LED shine through as a focused pinpoint of light, creating an "indicator" effect. The white covers create a milkier effect where the light is more diffuse, spread across the key cover in a subtle gradient, top to bottom.

While some people make use of every key on the Moonlander, others prefer a more minimal layout with fewer keys (hi there, Ben Vallack!). And with these people in mind, we designed the Zip Kit.

Take off the keys that are hard for you to reach and replace them with slick, custom-tooled covers. Remove the Wing, too, if you don’t need it — the Stub covers the gap completely. And finally, embrace your newly-minimal Moonlander by equipping it with Raise and Lower keycaps.

Any changes you make with the Zip Kit are fully reversible and do not void your warranty. So go ahead — remove keys, add them back, play around, and make your own perfect keyboard.

The Zip Kit


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