The Platform

A tenting system like no other: All-metal, slides, locks, and folds in seconds.

Your desk — your angle.

The Platform's sophisticated latching system allows you to quickly disengage it and stow it away, flat, along with the Moonlander in the Moonlander's carrying case. Even the Wing folds away neatly, tucking into the space between the Platform and the Moonlander's body.

Slide and lock:

The angle adjustment is done via a locking slider. Adjust the slider according to the desired angle, then use the Moonlander’s hex wrench to lock it in place. Markings are etched alongside the slider at ten-degree increments, to help you calibrate both sides.

Quickly disengage

The latching mechanism is built so that it holds firm against downwards pressure, but quickly disengages when you pull the keyboard upwards. This allows you to stow away the board in moments.

Combined, the flat profile, locking slider, and quick release mean you can pack your Moonlander away, travel with it, then unpack it and have it tented on your desk at your preferred angle in seconds. The rigid all-metal construction adds heft to the board, making it incredibly stable on your desk, even at extreme tenting angles.