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live training

your layout in real time

Getting used to your new keyboard takes time and practice. Live Training is here to help. With Live Training, you get an interactive view of your layout, as you use it:

Live Training shows everything from individual keystrokes, to multiple keys pressed at the same time, to layer changes: A complete, interactive view of your layout.

You can start Live Training and switch to a different window. It’ll keep working, and you can use the interactive keymap as a reference. This is great when just starting out, and for developing muscle memory for layout changes you make over time.

There are also several different modes tailored for programming, writing prose, or even mastering the numbers and symbols on your keyboard.

an image showing how webHID works
Try Live Training

(Requires a ZSA keyboard)

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Training uses webHID technology, which allows the browser to directly communicate with the keyboard once you initiate the connection.

No. Live Training does not send any information about the characters being printed. The protocol only sends the physical positions of the keys being pressed.

The code that runs on the keyboard is open-source, and available to review and use here. The server-side component is a part of Oryx, which is not open-source.

In order for Live Training to display your layout, the layout data must be stored in Oryx. If you compiled your layout locally, Live Training will not work, since Oryx doesn't have a copy of your layout to refer to.

Please email us anytime! contact@zsa.io is where we’re at, and we’d love to hear from you.