Our Keycaps

Low profile, precision-injected (doubleshot) PBT plastic. Designed to work perfectly with the Voyager.

a group of voyager keycaps laid out in a grid

The Voyager's keycaps are precision-injected (doubleshot) out of PBT plastic. This means the letters and numbers are baked into the key using milky, translucent plastic. They will never wear out, and the Voyager's lights shine through them beautifully.

The keycaps are beautifully textured. Not too rough, but not smooth and slippery either. Even the tactile nubs are custom-placed to our exact specifications. In our tests, we felt that most Choc keycaps placed their tactile nubs too low, so we moved them up to where you'll actually be able to feel them while typing.

When it came time to make them, we just had to go with Tai-Hao. One of the world's leading keycap manufacturers, Tai-Hao has been partnering with ZSA for years, creating keycaps for the ErgoDox EZ Glow and the Moonlander.

carefully crafted byZSA and tai hao
a group of voyager keycaps laid out in a grid, patchwarok black and white

Low-profile Choc keycaps were a new challenge for Tai-Hao, and as we dove into the project, we knew we made the right choice. Not only does Tai-Hao possess a deep well of knowledge about keycap manufacturing, they also "get" ZSA and were incredibly patient with our obsessive attention to detail as we iterated over multiple keycap profiles and set designs.

In the end, we ended up with something we are deeply proud of: Three keycap sets in two colors each (black and white). Here they are:

the light variant us set of voyager keycapsthe dark variant us set of voyager keycaps

The US Set

This set of keycaps is optimized for US English, containing a full complement of Shifted characters. If this set matches your locale (US English and many similar locales), having Shifted characters right on your keys can make it easier to learn the keyboard.

the light variant global set of voyager keycapsthe dark variant global set of voyager keycaps

The Locale-Neutral Set

As a company, ZSA is deeply aware that most people do not, in fact, live in the United States. ;) We are an international, distributed team, and this set reflects that. None of the keys bear Shifted characters. So if typing Shift+3 results in a £ or § symbol showing up on your screen, look no further.

the light variant blank set of voyager keycapsthe dark variant blank set of voyager keycaps

The Blank Set

This one's for the minimalists. Tai-Hao produced this set of blank "Circle" keycaps exclusively for ZSA. The circles are carefully sized and placed to make the most of the board's colorful LEDs.

the light variant extras set of voyager keycapsthe dark variant extras set of voyager keycaps

The Extras (with every unit)

Since these keycaps are so special, we are including 36 additional keycaps with every Voyager sold. We agonized over the exact composition of this set of "extras," going over it many times, shooting for the most useful and versatile set we could imagine. And here they are:

  • A spacebar
  • Enter
  • Tab
  • Two Opt keys
  • A Backspace
  • A Tilde/backtick key
  • Two Alt keys
  • Two Shift keys
  • Two Ctrl keys
  • Two OS keys
  • Two Cmd keys
  • An Esc key
  • Eight blank keys, enough to cover every non-alphanumeric key on your board
  • Two more blank keys with tactile bumps
  • Keys with tactile bumps for QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak. Learn more
And finally:
  • A key bearing the QMK logo
  • A key bearing the Voyager's logo
  • 2 extra thumb keys safely tucked into the carrying case’s right pocket: These thumb keys can be fragile, so we’re giving you extras
The 'seven' key

Optimized for a columnar board

Our keycaps are “cylindrical”. Some people call them “halfpipe,” too. What that really means is that they’re a little curved inwards, so your finger is in a little “tunnel” with walls on the side. It’s subtle, but you can feel it every time you touch them. The shape helps guide your fingers up and down the columns of the Voyager.

a group of voyager keycaps laid out in a grid, patch work black and white

Exclusive to the Voyager

We put so much work into the details of these keycaps, designing them to work perfectly with the Voyager. They were envisioned to augment this board from the ground up, so ZSA will not be offering them as a standalone accessory. These are not just keycaps — they are the Voyager keycaps. We hope they'll make your Voyager that much more special.

While ZSA won't be selling these keycaps on their own, the work we did to help Tai-Hao refine this new keycap profile is not proprietary. We wanted to push forward Choc keycaps as a whole, not just for us.