Introducing Moonlander Mark I

A next-generation ergonomic keyboard

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Ergonomic: Type at shoulder width, reassign keys, tilt and tent it.

Mechanical: For the most enjoyable typing experience.

Dynamic: Adjust the angle of the whole keyboard, or just the thumb cluster.

Portable: Folds into a compact package. Carrying case included.

Gamer-friendly: Plug in just the left side to get your game on.

Built to last: Backed by a solid two-year warranty.
No fine print.

The Verge

“At this point I would find it hard to live without my current layout on the Moonlander, especially for my day-to-day work.”

- Jay Peters,The Verge
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Because when you extend a finger, it doesn‘t go sideways.

Columnar keyboards like the ErgoDox EZ and the Moonlander make it easier to reach above and below the home row. Stretch less, type more.

Active left side

The Moonlander has its USB Type-C connector on the left side, so you can use that side on its own.

When it‘s time to get your game on, unplug the right side and give your mouse some room to roam. The left side acts as a powerful macro pad.

Blank or printed

The Moonlander comes with high-quality keycaps made of doubleshot PBT plastic. You can get them either with letters ("printed"), or just lines for the light to shine through ("blank").

The printed keycaps are all the same profile so you can use them as-is or move them around for different non-QWERTY layouts.

The blank keycaps are sculpted, so each row has a different profile for added typing comfort.

When in doubt, go with the printed caps; they're easier to start with.

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