It's really Kingsley's desk. He just lets Lucas use it sometimes.
Ares loves to sit in the middle and stare at me until I give her ergonomic pets -Jenna Rowan
Lotta approves none of my code 😼 but loves the Moonlander 😻 -Petter
MooMoo, by Randy
Mooncat Nami
Mia the cat
Alexandra's cat, Mia, appreciates a good keyboard.
Lilith the cat
The lovely Lilith! Freddy says: When she's not staring at birds, she often keeps me company while I'm working, sitting in a cardboard box on my desk.
Paula the cat
Moritz: This is Paula. She loves to keep me company while I type. She's just a little too chonk to fit in between the halves.
Dana's two ragdoll cats
Dana's two ragdolls don't quite fit between the Moonlander's halves, but they don't let that get in the way.
Kitty Kardashian, PhD.
Kitty Kardashian, PhD.
Ella the cat
My motivation to get the Moonlander was to improve my posture - with a cat "working" on my desk, a normal keyboard doesn't really work. Now Ella perfectly fits between the Moonlander halves 🙂.
Atticus the cat
This is Atticus, and he loves to be the center of attention, especially when I'm working! I'm just glad he can do it now without laying on my keyboard.
Twinkie the cat
Alvin: My cat Twinkle chilling between the moonlander halves, which is a great improvement of his previous pastime of sitting on my last non split keyboard.
Toffee the cat
Balázs Ágasvári: My cat I am the proud human of, is called Toffee (I find the Moonlander was a good choice for the name, I just call it "the keyboard" :D )
Bear the cat
Griffin: This is Bear. He’s my product manager and the reason I hardly get anything done.
KPOP the cat
This is KPOP. She has a bad habit of somehow always hitting the keys which toggle me into a new layer.
Lucifer the cat
Mai-Lan and Ciaran: Lucifer is not happy that productivity can still be achieved despite his presence. However, he will gaze up at your eyes and deep into your soul to convey his displeasure.
Jo the cat
Tyler: Jo thinks she is a pawgrammer.
Moo the cat
Bilal: Mr. Moo is as dark as my Moonlander, my desk, my soul, and my coffee.
Phoebe the cat
Brian: Her name is Phoebe and she is very shy but loves affection from her humans.
Tilde the cat
Thomas: Tilde thinks she might be a bit too old to start a modelling career (she's 15).
Josie the cat
Shane: Dogs need some representation too! Her name is Josie. At just over 5 lbs she's smaller than most cats.
Piku the cat
Moro: This is Piku, who loves to "help" with work by climbing up and knocking things off the desk.
Saffron the cat
Saffron clearly didn't get the memo on sitting between both halves. Does it his own way.
Mimi the cat
Dylan: Mimi loves the new setup.
Swanson the cat
Rob: I thought my cat Swanson was the only one who loved sitting between the two halves of the Moonlander, but apparently not!
Babou the cat
Willis: Babou LOVES the ErgoDox. I loved your ErgoDox EZ so much over the one I built myself that I ordered a moonlander for travel.
Toast the cat
My cat Toast between my Moonlander. He used to be smaller and could more comfortably rest between my split keyboards, now he just gets in the way.
Lea the cat
Lea, a Maine Coon.
Loke the cat
JD: Has been sleeping there ever since he was little. His name is Loke. He likes butter, sleeping in weird and hanging positions, car rides and ignoring all the toys we've bought him in lieu of tape, any plastic bit and shoelaces.

Does your cat like to hang out between the halves of your Moonlander?