Tripod Kit

Suspend your Moonlander in space

Absolute flexibility in mounting your Moonlander. Precisely adjust the height and angle of each half any way you want - no desk required.

Tripod Kit

    The tripod kit includes:
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  • Two sturdy metal mount points, threaded for a standard tripod screw (1/4-20 UNC).

  • Four M2.6 screws for each mount point, to attach it to the metal mounting threads at the bottom of the Moonlander. This connection is rock-solid.

  • Two Stubs, to replace the Wings of your Moonlander (you won't need the Wing wrist rest with the unit mounted on a tripod).

  • An extra-long 6-foot (210cm) TRRS cable, to connect both halves of the Moonlander. The length of the cable makes it easy to route around desks, chairs, and so on.

  • The kit does not include a tripod. This is so you can provide your own flexible mounting solution. It can be a tripod, a desk stand, or anything with a tripod-like screw.

ProsWhat the Tripod Kit lets you do

Tripod Kit: Cons

The Tripod Kit adds yet another dimension of flexibility to the Moonlander experience. Suddenly, you're no longer bound to your desk. Your Moonlander can be suspended midair, at any angle you can imagine. Paired with a ball-head tripod, you get absolute control over the angle of each half. Extreme tenting angles, negative tilt — everything is possible. And with an all-metal construction, the Moonlander is rock solid when mounted on the kit.

Since you won't be needing a desk to tilt your Moonlander with the Tripod Kit, this also means you can angle the thumb cluster upwards while tenting the unit. Plus, having the Moonlander suspended midair protects it against spills.

You get a more compact Moonlander, and even greater freedom to design your workspace however you see fit.

Tripod Kit: Cons

Despite the name, the kit isn't just for tripods: It's the ultimate way to mount your Moonlander onto the arms of a chair, with the extra-long cable wrapping all the way around. Tripod-sized bolts (1/4-20 UNC) are easy to source in hardware stores and online in various lengths, for just about any DIY project.

Cons Things you should consider before buying

Tripod Kit: Cons

Of course, no solution is perfect, and that goes for the Tripod Kit as well. Some drawbacks to consider:

  • The metal mounts are very securely attached to the Moonlander, each with four individual M2.6 screws. This means it takes time to remove the tripod kit — it isn't something you can quickly snap on or off your Moonlander.

  • With the tripod kit thread mounted, the Moonlander will not sit flat on a desk, nor will it fit in the included carrying case. There's a socket on the bottom of it.

  • A tripod is not included with the kit. We did this on purpose: The whole point of the kit is to offer you complete flexibility in how you mount, tent, and tilt your Moonlander. We wanted you to provide your own tripod or mounting solution — but naturally, that is yet another piece of gear to think about and buy.

Tripod Kit: Cons

Is the Tripod Kit for you?

Tripod Kit: Chair

The Tripod Kit isn't for everyone. We aimed it at power users, those of you who are "extreme customizers". We were looking for a solution that's utterly flexible and that embraces DIY in every way.

Tripod Kit: Chair

If you own a Moonlander and wish there was a more flexible way to position the unit in space, this is the ultimate solution. If you want to get rid of your desk entirely and work in front of a large TV, the Tripod Kit will get you there. If you want a Captain's Chair with one half of the board mounted to each arm rest, this is a great way to do it.

If you're just starting out with the Moonlander, we don't suggest you get the Tripod Kit right away. For most users just starting out, using the Moonlander flat on a desk is the ideal way to work through the initial learning curve.

Once you're fully proficient with the Moonlander, the Tripod Kit lets you take it to the next level.

Tripod Kit


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