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Community Creations

Community Creations

While the Moonlander’s open-source firmware lets you customize how the board works internally, we didn’t want to stop there. The Moonlander is made to be modded: With its modular design and built-in reinforced mounting points, you can design and print your own accessories and add-ons. Some users did just that, and here are their creations.

Tent Kit

by kalvik

Tent Kit for the ZSA Moonlander. It needs M2.6x8mm screws to screw the stand to the bottom of the keyboard. One of the legs will be a bit too long. I just heated and flattened it out.

- kalvik

Closeup of Tent Kit Printable

Thumb Cluster Leg

by tajtiger

Leg design for the Moonlander keyboard allowing independent motion of thumb cluster. Uses original hardware.

Until ZSA comes up with their own solution, I decided to craft some legs to allow tenting of the keyboard and also allow the thumb cluster to move in its upper position. I have "medium" sized hands but I find the cluster is more comfortable up than down, especially for WASD.

Few disclaimers: Since there is no ratcheting mechanism, these will not be as secure as the other legs, however they appear to hold under normal palm/typing pressure with a "sane" amount of torque on the bolts. Also keep in mind there will be fewer threads grabbing the thumb cluster. As with any mod, use at your own risk.

- tajtiger

Closeup of Thumb Cluster Printable

Thumb Cluster Mini-Leg

by PerfectPitch

A mini-leg for the Moonlander thumb cluster. I wanted something hidden and with a small amount of lift so I could leave the thumb cluster level or tilted up. The amount of lift is fixed, but I'd be wiling to make a larger size if requested.

- PerfectPitch

Closeup of Thumb Cluster Mini-leg Printable

Notch Blank

by Sarkohma

Model for a blank to fit in the wrist rest notch of a ZSA Moonlander keyboard. Flip it on X or Y axis to get the other side. May require a bit of shaving to get in, as well as removing the adhesive rubber grommets around one of the post holes. Supports needed for the pegs on the blank.

- Sarkohma

Closeup of Notch Blank Printable


by jrockway

This is a wedge that screws to the bottom of your Moonlander keyboard so that you can tent it while still being able to tilt the thumb extension up.

For extra stability, you can't tilt the thumb cluster down anymore. My first iteration of this design allowed that, but I don't use it and prefer the extra stability of the keyboard with the extra material. You can press the outermost thumb key as hard as you like, and the keyboard doesn't move. If you have big hands, this is not the item for you (but you can slice off the part that prevents movement of the thumb cluster ;).

You will need to mirror this in your slicer to make one for the left hand.

Due to some measurement error, the holes do not quite line up, and you can only get two screws in. I measured the hole spacing as 19.5mm, but it's clearly not.

— jrockway

Closeup of Wedge Printable

Tripod Kit

by jrockway

This lets you connect your Moonlander keyboard to a standard tripod mount (1/4"). The threads are modeled and they worked fine for me printed on a Prusa i3 MK3S in PETG.

I have the holes 19.5mm apart. This doesn't seem quite right; it's hard to get all 4 screws in, but I don't have the measuring tools to accurately measure this. I'd recommend not using this model, honestly. This is only here because people have asked, and it's enough to get started and refine later if you really need to put more than 2 screws in.

I used M2.5 screws. Some other things on Thingiverse recommend M2.6 screws. I have never seen such a screw and found M2.5 to be perfect. Your mileage may vary.

— jrockway

Closeup of Tripod Mount

Tenting Kit

by mrsharpoblunto

A tenting kit for the ZSA Moonlander keyboard that allows the thumb cluster to remain level or tilted upward.

The tenting angle is 19 degrees - or slightly higher than the highest tenting level with the default tenting legs that come with the Moonlander

Unlike other tenting kits I've seen, this one attaches to the bottom of the keyboard using the mounting bracket on the bottom of the keyboard with 4 M2.6x8 screws.

The main advantage of this is a flat bottom surface which is easier to attach non-stick rubber pads to prevent movement of the keyboard (other leg-based kits tend to slide around in my experience) as well as the ability to remove the tenting legs entirely for a cleaner look.

— mrsharpoblunto

Extended Leg

by darkytoothpaste

This is an extended leg for the Moonlander that allows you to tent the keyboard higher than stock.

The leg has been ergonomically designed to allow you to stow the leg into the storage position for transportation.

— darkytoothpaste

Make your own design

One thing that might help you design a Moonlander accessory is the STL file for the shell of the unit. This contains exact measurements, so you can design around it and make sure your new accessory fits perfectly.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, please feel free to put it up on Thingiverse for others to use. If you’d like to be featured on this page, email us at and let’s talk!

The fine print

This is an obvious point but we still have to write it: None of these accessories are officially supported or endorsed by ZSA. These are just cool things other people made. The whole point is to make the unit your own, mod and hack it to your heart’s content. It is possible to void your warranty while doing this (if you break the case, for example). Good luck, and have fun!

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