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ZSA keyboards can do a lot — and all of that intelligence lives right on the board. You customize the firmware online, download a file, and flash it.

There are two ways to save your layout to your board.

  1. Chrome

    After configuring your layout in Oryx, flash your board right from Chrome, or any other Chromium-based browser.

  2. Keymapp

    With our native app (called Keymapp). Use Keymapp to flash your board, then view your keyboard's layout.

Before flashing, there are some steps you may need to follow, depending on your operating system.


You can use either Keymapp or Chrome.


You must install Keymapp, whether or not you'll be using it. It comes with a driver that Windows needs.

After that, you can use either Keymapp or Chrome.


You'll need to do a couple extra steps. If you want to use Keymapp, follow all the steps on this page. If you want to use Chrome, you only need Step 2 (“Create a udev rule file”).

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Save your layout to your board directly in Oryx

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A live visual reference for your layout, right when you need it.

Download Keymapp

Saving to your board

Keymapp screen: Select firmwareKeymapp screen: Press reset buttonKeymapp screen: Flashing firmwareKeymapp screen: Flash complete

Select: Browse for your firmware file.

Displaying your layout as you work

Layout tab on Keymapp: Showing a QWERTY layout with the Z key selected and its functions shown. When tapped 'Z', When held 'Left Option'

Keymapp allows you to view your keyboard's layout right on your screen, in real-time. When you switch a layer, Keymapp's display updates to show the keys active on this layer.

Smart Layers

Smart layers tab on Keymapp: Showing the possible apps where a layer can automatically turn on.

Got a dedicated “Photoshop” layer? Maybe a “Gaming” layer? With Smart Layers, you can have these special layers turn on automatically as soon as you switch to the app or game they’re meant for. Effortless!

Learn more about Smart Layers

The ultimate learning aid

Easy and simple to refer to your layout at any time, without having to print anything or have a website open.

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Everything in one place

Keymapp also has handy shortcuts for configuring your keyboard, flashing a new layout, and accessing our rich suite of Live Training modes online.

Dynamic heatmap: Optimize your layout

Heatmap tab on Keymapp: Showing the times keys were pressed while keymapp is opened.

We all use different apps and different layers in different ways. We have different hand sizes, and different typing habits.

The Heatmap view shows you the most-used keys in each of your layers, as you work. This helps you develop awareness, avoid straining weaker fingers, and fine-tune your layout over time so that it uses your strongest fingers for maximum comfort.

Keymapp screen overlaid over other applications

Keymapp's window can be made small, and can be kept always-on-top so you can use it as an overlay in the corner of your screen. Alternatively, it can work as a regular window and be as large as you want it.

When you're just getting started with a new board from ZSA, Keymapp makes things that much smoother.