Our Cables

A thoughtful assortment of cables.

The Voyager comes with:

One interconnect cable

Voyager interconnect cable

This is a TRRS (“tip-ring-ring-sleeve”) cable. It’s got a headphone-like plug on either end, and it’s 90cm long (if you don’t count the connectors). That makes it easy to route around a laptop and still end up with the keyboard in a comfortable position. On a desktop, it allows for a nice wide spread, even wider than shoulder width.

Three USB-C cables


A short cable, 22cm long. For scale, this is approximately as long as a European hedgehog.

Fennec Fox

A medium cable, 38cm long. That's as long as a fennec fox, if you don't count the tail.

Fennec Fox

A long cable, 220cm, which is about the length of a Komodo dragon.

If these lengths seem oddly specific, it's because they are. Just like the keycaps, the legs, and the carrying case, these cables are custom-made for the Voyager. Each serves a specific purpose and is meant for one particular style of setup:

For using with a laptop on the desk

Voyager resting on the sides of a laptopVoyager resting on the sides of a laptopVoyager resting on the sides of a laptop

One dongle

Voyager interconnect cable

That’s a USB-C to USB-A dongle. That’s good for legacy machines, but we’ve also noticed most USB hubs (at the time of writing, 2023) still come with USB-A ports.

...and zero vendor lock-in

Voyager interconnect cable

All of these cables are standard, and they are all easy to replace. This means you can easily customize the look of your board or get third-party cables that are different lengths.

(... but why does it even come with cables in the first place?)

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