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The Voyager Hero

A powerful, low-profile, split ergonomic keyboard

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Laptop-friendly: Goes anywhere — on your desk or on the road.

Mechanical: Four low-profile switch types offered.

Hot-swappable: Change your switches any time.

Compact: A 52-key layout minimizes reach and enhances comfort.

Built to last: A two-year warranty and great repairability.

Available now: Ships in three weeks.

a Voyager keyboard sitting on a wooden café table connected to a laptop

Designed with a laptop in mind

The Voyager makes your laptop better.

It offers a personalized and productive typing experience
while not taking up a ton of space.

Ergonomics, anywhere.

a Voyager keyboard sitting on a wooden café table connected to a laptop

At home on your desk

The Voyager works just as well as part of a permanent desktop setup. Build your entire workstation around it and enjoy great ergonomics while leaving lots of room for a pointing device, a cup of coffee, and your favorite cat.

a desktop image showing Oryx configuring a voyager


The Voyager can do much more than your typical keyboard. Customize it for your personal typing style and pack it full of handy shortcuts for the apps you use most.

Oryx is a free, simple, and powerful keyboard layout editor that you can use right now, in your browser. Point-and-click your way to the ultimate in comfort and productivity.

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a desktop image showing Oryx configuring a voyager

It glows

The Voyager has a bright and colorful LED under every key: These LEDs can dance across the surface of the keyboard using a variety of included animations.

You can also use them to highlight specific keys, and it’s easy to make them dimmer or turn them off entirely.

Smart Layers

Switch to Photoshop, and the "Photoshop" layer on your ZSA keyboard automatically activates. Click into Fortnite, and now your "Game" layer is suddenly active.

See Smart Layers

Comes from a great family

We've been making high-end keyboards since 2015.
Here's our lineup.

Ultimate portability. Ergonomics, anywhere.

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Features an articulating thumb cluster. Over 40,000 units sold.

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Our first keyboard, going strong for years. An ergonomic classic with a big community.

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a sideview schematic of the the voyager showing it's thickness

Oh, so thin

How do you make a keyboard that’s even thinner than the Moonlander while keeping the level of comfort people have come to expect from ZSA?

By combining great build quality with low-profile Choc keyswitches made by Kailh.

Our thinnest board yet, and just as comfy.

the keyboard basethe keyswitchthe keycap, unlitthe keycap, lit

Hot swappable

Just like all our other boards, it’s easy to pull a keyswitch out and pop a new one in. Customize the board over time or swap out a switch as needed.

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a variety of keycaps, blank, dark, light...

Thoughtful Keycaps

We’ve created three high-quality keycap sets specifically for the Voyager. There’s one for US-English, one that’s locale-neutral, and a third option with blank “circle glow” keycaps for a minimal, striking look.

About our keycaps
a variety of keycaps, blank, dark, light...

Embraces better typing

Most keyboards include tactile homing bumps for the QWERTY layout. We’ve included those, of course — but we’ve also added homing bumps for a couple of layouts that are better than QWERTY.

Better than QWERTY?
a variety of keycaps, blank, dark, light...

Even More Keycaps

The Voyager comes with a large assortment of extra keycaps. Put these right where you want them to create your own look and fit your personal layout. This helps with mastering the board, too.

See the extras

It's comfy

We carefully designed the Voyager’s geometry, balancing comfort with power. It has just enough keys.

Download a life-size printable PDF to try it out on your desk.

The Voyager set up flat
The Voyager set up tented
The Voygaer set up on a tripod kit
The Voyager's magnetic boardThe Voyager's magnetic legs

Accessories that snap on

The bottom plate of the Voyager is made of steel. Not only does it ensure this extra-thin board feels solid, it also happens to be magnetic.

Accessories click into place using a combination of magnets and orientation pins, making for a secure and satisfying grip.

The Voyager's magnetic legsThe Voyager's magnetic legsThe Voyager's magnetic legs

Smart legs

Every Voyager comes with a set of four high-quality tenting legs that magnetically snap onto the board. Click!

We took care to design these legs in a way that allows you to easily harvest the included magnets in case you want to create your own tenting accessories.

The Voyager's carrying case

Included carrying case

We put so much thought into the Voyager’s carrying case. It’s sized precisely for the unit and includes two inner zipper pockets for securely storing your accessories. We’ve reinforced its spine to protect the Voyager and included a custom-made laser-engraved steel bar to hold the magnetic legs in transport.

cables shaped like a love heart

A selection of cables

We felt it was crucial for the Voyager to fit into your particular workspace and curated the cables accordingly.

The Voyager comes with an interconnect cable and three different USB-C cables, allowing for extreme flexibility in positioning your board while maintaining the reliability, repairability, and responsiveness that wired connections are known for.

See the cables
The Voyager's magnetic boardThe Voyager's magnetic mountThe Voyager's tripod kit

Optional magnetic tripod mount

Add a standard tripod thread to your Voyager, unlocking endless mounting options.

Position and angle each half exactly the way you want it — no desk required. Like every Voyager accessory, the tripod mount magnetically clips on with a satisfying snap.

See what's possible
a Voyager tenting bar

Create your own accessories

The Voyager’s steel backplate and built-in accessory orientation points invite you to design and print your own accessories.

Add magnets, and the accessories will hug the Voyager like they were made for it. Here’s our first one.

Printable Tenting Bar
the keyboard base

Learn by playing

Nanotale is a beautiful game that will make you a better typist without you even noticing. Every Voyager sold comes with a free, full license for Nanotale.

See the game

A fully-customizable typing experience

Make your keyboard work just like you want it

You don't have to code to customize the Voyager. Oryx is a free, simple, and powerful keyboard layout editor. Point-and-click your way to the ultimate in comfort and productivity.

Remap any key

Don't like where something is? Move it. All keys can be remapped and reassigned, and most people iterate over their layouts until they're just right.

Tap for A, hold for Ctrl

One key can do two, three, or even four things. Tap-dance and dual-function keys make it easy to hold a key for Ctrl (for example) and tap it to get the letter “A”. All the power you need, within easy reach.

One-touch shortcuts

Want to set up a single key to send Cmd+S? Easy peasy.

Works with Mac, Linux and Windows

All the “smarts” live on the board. No software or drivers required.

Unlock the power of system-wide hotkeys

Hyper is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win/Cmd, while Meh is Ctrl+Shift+Alt. No sane application on your machine uses these, which means you get free system-wide shortcuts.

Use multiple layers

With up to 32 layers, you can make a layer dedicated to your favorite game or app and get single-key access to helpful combos and shortcuts.

Master your layout easily with Live Training

Using just your browser (no need to download anything), Live Training allows you to practice your custom layout until it becomes second nature.

Visualize your layout

Oryx's Live View allows you to see what every key does, in every layer. Switch a layer, and the keymap on your screen updates in real time. This dynamic legend represents your keyboard without you ever having to look down.

Open-source firmware

The powerful firmware that runs on the Voyager is called QMK, and it’s open-source, available on GitHub. While you can use our configurator to quickly put together a layout, having complete access to the firmware source code means you can dig as deep as you’d like.

A thriving community

With thousands of people using our keyboards for all sorts of interesting things, there is never a lack of layouts to learn from. Some people even create layout tours to explain things better.

There’s more: A galaxy of firmware features for you to explore and experiment with.

Made by people
you can trust

Makers of

ZSA MoonlanderZSA Ergodox

We’ve been making high-end keyboards for years.
People seem to like them.

a variety of keycaps, blank, dark, light...

2-year warranty

The Voyager is a serious investment in your future well being, and our warranty policy reflects this. We proudly offer a two-year, no-BS, no fine-print warranty on our keyboards.

We also fully support the Right to Repair, and offer parts for all of our keyboards.

a Voyager keyboard sitting on a wooden café table connected to a laptop


Shipping Included