ZSA Warranty Policy

Every keyboard we make is covered by a generous two-year warranty. Here's how it works, in plain language.

What is covered

Pretty much anything that comes down to manufacturing defects and various issues that come up during the two years from the date you receive your keyboard.

What isn't covered

Liquid damage (if you spill something on your board), breakage due to improper handling (if the boards falls on the floor and breaks, or if your cat sits on it and breaks the thumb cluster), and damage due to modding such as opening the board up, installing foam inserts, etc.

Another important thing not covered are customs fees. We clearly mark each warranty replacement unit as such when we ship it, yet most customs authorities around the world still choose to require customs fees even for the replacement. This can get expensive, depending on your location.

Warranty claim process

Should something go wrong with your board, you'd email us. We would then lead you through a troubleshooting process (many issues boil down to firmware or operating system).

If after troubleshooting, we've determined the issue is in fact with hardware, we will ship replacement parts (or a whole replacement unit) your way, from Taiwan, via courier. This shipping is entirely at our expense.

Once you receive the replacement and confirm it is in good working order, you would then ship the faulty part to our facility in Indiana (USA), Ontario (Canada), or Taiwan. This return shipping is at your own expense.

Many other manufacturers make you first ship the faulty unit (at your expense) and then ship a repaired one back to you. We choose to flip that sequence, so that you get a replacement as soon as possible. This does mean we trust you to ship the faulty board back our way once you have the replacement.

Warranty extensions

We offer a two-year extension for the Moonlander's warranty, available at the time of purchase. This brings up the total warranty coverage on your Moonlander to four years, if the extension is purchased along with the board. We cannot offer this extension retroactively, only with the purchase of a new keyboard.

Due to our small scale and the relationship we have with our manufacturing partner, the two-year (or four-year, if purchased) warranty is a hard limit. In the unlikely event that there's a hardware issue two months after your warranty expires (for example), we will not be able to extend the warranty. We would still do everything we can to help, but we will not be able to ship free parts or a free replacement your way once the warranty expires.

Did we miss a question?

If you have any other questions regarding our warranty policy and process, please email us at contact@zsa.io. Thank you for reading!

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