Halfmoon with app icons scattered about

Next-level creative control
for any application.

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Works anywhere: Use it on multiple machines — all the smarts live on the board.

Ergonomic: Work in ultimate comfort.

Hot-swappable: Change your switches any time.

Customizable: Setup your own macros and shortcuts in our online configurator.

Built to last: A two-year warranty and great repairability.

Available now: Ships in two weeks.

Your new creative companion.

Comfortable, modular, and with custom firmware for effortless control of your creative applications.

Not a keyboard: A creative companion. The most powerful macro pad you’ve ever had. Fully customizable.

Halfmoon from a top-down view

For Photographers

Austin Trenholm (Trenholm Photography, Goodlight Presets) takes us through his editing process on the Halfmoon.

Trenholm PhotoGoodlight Presets

It’s easy to customize the Halfmoon so it does exactly what you want, in the apps you use every day.

The satisfying mechanical keys invite you to develop new muscle memory, and the programmable lighting effects make it easy to remember what each key does.

You can create a separate layer of keys for each of your favorite creative apps. Tame those apps using powerful macros, leaving lots of space on your desk for a drawing tablet, a mouse, or an editing control surface.

Comes from a great family

We've been making high-end keyboards since 2015.
Here's our lineup.

Ultimate portability. Ergonomics, anywhere.

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Features an articulating thumb cluster. Over 40,000 units sold.

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Our first keyboard, going strong for years. An ergonomic classic with a big community.

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For people who mainly use a keyboard as a control surface for a creative application.

Customize yours  
Monitor showing Oryx

Your own workflows,
just a keystroke away.

Save your layout to the Halfmoon using our online configurator, and it’ll work on any computer. Other tools use custom software that breaks over time, but the Halfmoon is “just” a keyboard so it keeps working.

Switch to Photoshop, and the "Photoshop" layer on your ZSA keyboard automatically activates. Click into Fortnite, and now your "Game" layer is suddenly active.

See Smart Layers

Training mode

Whack-a-Key is a great Live Training mode for mastering macros and system shortcuts. You can read the full blog post to learn more and watch a screencast of Erez trying to master a layer.

Tour the default layout

Everything about the Halfmoon’s layout is configurable to your workflow. The default layout is just a starting point for a few creative programs. Watch our walkthrough to see what you can do with a Halfmoon.

Play with the configurator

“We wanted to design a shortcut system that any creative could quickly customise to their exact needs, across mulitiple programs. The aim of Project Halfmoon is to make all your shortcuts available quickly, neatly, and exactly where you want them.”

Jo Williams
Lead Designer, ZSA

Jo Williams
White Halfmoon

USD $274

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