Increase your productivity.

Create next-level macros with any application.

For creatives, by creatives

Half a Moonlander

Half a Moonlander, with custom firmware for effortless control of your creative applications.

Not a keyboard: A creative companion. The most powerful macro pad you’ve ever had. Fully customizable.

We are developing Project Halfmoon in the open.

The hardware is proven — tens of thousands of people are using the Moonlander. Now, let's make it perfect for creatives, together.

This is where Founding Members come in: This is a diverse and articulate group of professional creatives who will help us ensure Project Halfmoon truly helps people in the field.

What applications should we support? What are the most important features within each app? What would be the ultimate macro pad, for you?

A cadre of trusted creatives joined in as Founding Members and are currently helping us steer Project Halfmoon.

Applications are now closed. Once units begin shipping, Founding Members are first in line.

Halfmoon Keycap

Founding Members also get an exclusive keycap with their purchase. This keycap will never be sold or made again.

Founder's Club

Founding members are a part of an exclusive community where they get to weigh in on the most significant creative decisions in the project. Founding Members get to vote, and those who make major creative contributions may also receive their own Project Halfmoon unit as a thank-you for their contribution (subject to ZSA's consideration).

“We wanted to design a shortcut system that any creative could quickly customise to their exact needs, across multiple programs. The aim of Project Halfmoon is to make all your shortcuts available quickly, neatly, and exactly where you want them.”

Jo Williams
Lead Designer, ZSA

“We wanted to design a shortcut system that any creative could quickly customise to their exact needs, across multiple programs. The aim of Project Halfmoon is to make all your shortcuts available quickly, neatly, and exactly where you want them.”

Jo Williams
Lead Designer, ZSA
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Project Timeline

May 15 - July 31

Initial application window for Founding Members. Many thanks to everyone who applied!

August 1 - 14

Picking the list of apps to support in the initial firmware and in the Oryx configurator and inviting people to submit layer templates.

August 15 - September 30

Designing the firmware, together. What should the unit do, out of the box? This is the heart of the creative process, and we need you to weigh in and design the firmware with us. August 15 is also the last date to apply as a Founding Member.

To Be Continued

On September 13, we've announced we are going to delay the launch of Project Halfmoon hardware while we work to resolve supply-chain constraints. You can read the announcement here. To get future updates, sign up for our newsetter, The Ergo.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you got a Halfmoon unit and would like to later upgrade to a full Moonlander, your upgrade package consists of the right half of the Moonlander, the TRRS cable, the Wing stub, and the carrying case. This package costs $110, including shipping.

Note that this brings the total price of a full Moonlander purchased “in halves” to $384, which is $19 more expensive than a full Moonlander bought at once.

With a Project Halfmoon unit, you get:

  • The left half of a Moonlander with the keyswitches of your choice.
  • Blank, sculpted keycaps. The unit comes in black or white, and the keycaps match the color of the unit.
  • A keycap and keyswitch puller.
  • A USB-C cable.
  • A USB C-to-A dongle.
  • A hex key for adjusting the tenting angle of the unit’s thumb cluster.
  • A Wing Stub matching the color of the unit, that allows you to remove the included wrist rest for a leaner look.

Not in the box are the carrying case for the Moonlander, the interconnecting TRRS cable, and the right half of the unit.

Founding members also get an exclusive Halfmoon Keycap which will never be offered anywhere again.

A Project Halfmoon unit (and any ZSA keyboard, for that matter) is able to simplify repetitive keyboard shortcuts. The unit supports macros, too (sequences of up to five keystrokes), as well as OS and app shortcut keys — a single key that sends Cmd+Shift+A for example.

These keys are easy to set up, and require no resident software to be running on your machine.

There are some other great products for creative control on the market, though they do require resident apps at runtime, and tend to support a limited subset of creative applications. A couple of great ones to check out are the Monogram Creative Console (sliders!) and the Stream Deck (every key is a little screen!).

First of all, thank you! Existing users who understand ZSA are so important. ♥️

As an existing user, there are two ways in which you could help, depending on your interests.

Getting a keycap

If you're happy with your Moonlander and don't plan to buy a Halfmoon, but you still want the exclusive Halfmoon Keycap, you can get one by recommending the Founding Member program to your friends. If one or two of them are accepted and buy a Project Halfmoon unit, we'll send you a keycap. Here's how:

If a friend gets a Project Halfmoon unit as a Founding Member and mentions your name on their order, and you already own a Moonlander, we will ship an extra Halfmoon Keycap with their order, for you. They would then give you the keycap, and you would both have matching exclusive keycaps on your board. Win!

If two different friends get Halfmoon units as Founding Members and mention you, we will ship you your own Halfmoon keycap with a personal handwritten thank-you note from Erez (that's me, ZSA's CEO).

Becoming a Supporter

If you are a creative professional who is already using the Moonlander and would like to share your favorite layout, we would love for you to help. This is a special status called a Supporter, and does not cost anything. To apply as a Supporter, please fill out this form sharing your current use case and creative background, and we may get back to you with an invitation.

We are not able to invite all applicants, but we do review every submission, and I (Erez) deeply appreciate your willingness to help Project Halfmoon and ZSA find a new audience amongst creative pros. Exceptional contributions from supporters may get various interesting rewards (such as the Halfmoon keycap and other cool things that aren't even on the website), per ZSA's consideration.

If you're accepted as a Founding Member, you'll get a look behind the scenes of creating a new ZSA product. You'll see other members' ideas for the default layout, and will be invited to vote and comment on them, and contribute your own ideas and insights.

None of this is mandatory or required to maintain your Founding Member status. You will have full visibility into the process and the community, and will participate at will. Lurking is just fine.

The Halfmoon Founding Member community is run in accordance to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

No. If you have a full Moonlander, you can use Project Halfmoon firmware and do everything a Halfmoon does (once we release Project Halfmoon to the public).

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