Voyager Stand


Tenting for the ZSA Voyager keyboard.

Versions to cover common tenting slopes. The top has alignment pins and recesses for 10 mm x 3 mm magnets.

Printed with 10% infill and 4 top shell layers.

- mark_feinstein

Make itClose up of a right Voyager that has a green printed stand attached

Additional Thumb Key


2 keys to convert the default B and N keys into thumb keys when moving all keys 1 layer up on the ZSA Voyager keyboard.

The default configuration for the Voyager keyboard only has 2 thumb keys on each side. I found that too limiting, so by eliminating the number row, all the alpha keys can be shifted one layer up, leaving the bottom-most layer available to be used as thumb keys (the CVBNM, keys on the default layout). However, the innermost keys of that layer and the small thumb-cluster keys interfere with each other.

By using these custom keycaps, you can now press those keys with the thumb without interfering with the neighboring keys and allows for full set of 5 thumb keys on each side of the keyboard.

- rfmarves

Make itClose up of the Voyagers with the printed keycap

Tenting Bar

A ZSA Printable

The first printable for the Voyager comes directly from us. It's a bar that allows you to tent the Voyager at a steeper angle than what's possible with the included legs.

The bar has indentation pins to help it lock into the correct position on the Voyager, and three indents for magnets.

You can use the magnets and screws from the Voyager's legs, or get rare-earth magnets elsewhere if you'd like to experiment (any strong magnet will do, though you may have to edit the file to adjust for the size of the magnet you go with).


Make itClose up of the white voyager pair with the tenting bar attached

Make Your Own Design

One thing that might help you design a Voyager accessory is the STL file for the shell of the unit. This contains exact measurements, so you can design around it and make sure your new accessory fits perfectly.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, please feel free to put it up on Thingiverse for others to use. If you’d like to be featured on this page, email us at and let’s talk!

Here's the file