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Introducing Moonlander Mark I

Introducing Moonlander

A next-generation ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic: Type at shoulder width, reassign keys, tilt and tent it.

Mechanical: For the most enjoyable typing experience.

Dynamic: Adjust the angle of the whole keyboard, or just the thumb cluster.

Portable: Folds into a compact package. Carrying case included.

Gamer-friendly: Plug in just the left side to get your game on.

Built to last: Backed by a solid two-year warranty.
No fine print.

Two Halves

Place each half exactly where you need it. Typing at shoulder width keeps your chest open, which leads to a more relaxed posture.

No more hunching over the keyboard.


Because when you extend a finger, it doesn't go sideways.

Columnar keyboards like the ErgoDox EZ and the Moonlander make it easier to reach above and below the home row. Stretch less, type more.

Active left side

The Moonlander has its USB Type-C connector on the left side, so you can use that side on its own.

When it's time to get your game on, unplug the right side and give your mouse some room to roam. The left side acts as a powerful macro pad.


In a mechanical keyboard, each keypress is crisp and distinct. Different keyswitches offer a dramatically different typing feel.

When building out your new Moonlander, choose between ten different types of switches. If you're not sure which is right for you, we'll help you choose.

See the keyswitches


Change any keyswitch on your Moonlander at any time, without soldering and without voiding your warranty. Every unit ships with a free tool that makes this easy.

Your keyboard, your switches, your way.

Fully backlit forPhotoshopWriting

The Moonlander is fully backlit, with programmable RGB LEDs under each key.

Use them to light up the active keys on your current layer, remember shortcuts, and more.


The Moonlander’s keycaps float on top of the board, for an exposed, clean look. It's one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards out there.

Folds for transport

When it's time to go, just fold the Wing under the Moonlander. It'll magnetically click into its stowed position.

Carrying case included

Every Moonlander comes with a Neoprene carrying case designed for safe transport in the smallest form factor possible.

Fold the case up, or put it flat into your backpack.

Learn by doing

It's deliberate practice, for typing. Our Live Training tool includes everything you need to master your new keyboard layout and level up over time, for your own comfort and productivity nirvana.

Learn by playing

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is an awesome game that will make you a better typist without you even noticing. For a limited time, every Moonlander sold comes with a free, full license for Epistory.

See the game

Modules that work together

The thumb module tilts up and down. Use it to find the perfect typing angle, and the wrist support module will automatically follow.

That’s a very smooth touchdown.

Thumb module

For small hands, tilt the thumb module up. For bigger hands, tilt it down.

A custom fit for your hand size.

The Launch and Any keys

You'll never have to hunt for these. Use them for things you do several times a day and that usually take multiple keypresses.

Switch your input locale or launch your password manager with a single tap of your index finger.

The piano keys

We designed these three easy-to-reach keys exclusively for the Moonlander, with a vertical profile and a dedicated backlight slot on each key.

Wrist support module

Also known as the Wing, this is a comfy landing spot for your palm.

It automatically angles when you tent and tilt the keyboard, so it'll always be where you expect it.

Prefer typing without wrist support? The module is easy to detach, no tools needed.

It fits you

No matter what size hands you have, the Moonlander's Thumb and Wing modules can be adjusted to accommodate you perfectly.

Small Hands
The thumb module articulates up, pulling the keys closer.
The thumb and Wing modules allow for a relaxed neutral position.
Large Hands
The thumb module articulates down, letting your hand spread out while being supported by the Wing.

Blinks and beeps
on command

The Moonlander comes with three status LEDs on each side and a buzzer for audio output. Get visual and audible feedback as you work, or not (you choose).

Attachments optional

Use it fully loaded, or strip it bare for a minimal typing experience.

Comes in two colors

Powered by a Cortex-M4

The powerful ARM processor built into the Moonlander drives fluid LED animations and other demanding firmware features without breaking a sweat.

USB Type-C

The Moonlander comes with a detachable USB Type-C cable as well as a C-to-A dongle in the box.

Powerful open-source firmware

Click the cards to learn more.

Open-source firmware

Open-source firmware

Open-source firmware

The powerful firmware that runs on the Moonlander is called QMK, and it’s open-source, available on GitHub.

While you can use our configurator to quickly put together a layout, having complete access to the firmware source code means you can dig as deep as you’d like.

Streamlined configuration

Streamlined configuration

Streamlined configuration

You don't have to code to customize the Moonlander. Oryx is free, simple, and powerful. Point-and-click your way to the ultimate keyboard layout.

Multiple layers

Multiple layers

Multiple layers

Need easy access to your F-keys?

Want a mechanical numpad?

Need programmer-friendly
symbols right on your home row?

Layers make it easy. It's like a Shift key on steroids.

Remap any key

Remap any key

Remap any key

Don't like where something is? Move it. All keys can be remapped and reassigned, and most people iterate over their layouts until they're just right.

Mouse control

Mouse control

Mouse control

The Moonlander can emulate a mouse. Tap, tap, point, click. You decide where the mouse keys are.

Combo keys

Combo keys

Combo keys

Create dedicated keys for those
RSI-inducing key combinations found in industry-standard software. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W suddenly takes just a single keystroke.

Dual-function keys

Dual-function keys

Dual-function keys

Tap your Z key, and it sends the letter Z as expected. Press and hold it down, and it becomes Alt.

That’s the power of dual-function keys.
When tapped, they send a character. When held, they act as a modifier. Alt, Ctrl, and friends have never been easier to reach.

Space Cadet Shift

Space Cadet Shift

Space Cadet Shift

Use your Shift key for more. Press and hold it, and it acts as Shift. Tap it on its own, and it sends parentheses — open parens on the Left Shift, close parens on the Right Shift.

This feature not enabled by default but is trivial to enable using Oryx.

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Unlock the power of system-wide shortcuts.

Hyper is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win/Cmd, while Meh is Ctrl+Shift+Alt. No sane application on your machine uses these, which means you get free system-wide shortcuts.

Hyper+S will never conflict with anything on your system.

On-the-fly macros

On-the-fly macros

On-the-fly macros

Record macros on the fly into one of two slots, then play them back with a keystroke. They're ephemeral and local — removed when the keyboard loses power.

Works with Mac, Linux, Windows

Works with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
No special drivers or resident software needed.

Made by people
you can trust


Makers of

Ergodox EZPlanck EZ

We’ve been making high-end keyboards for years.
People seem to like them.

Moonlander Mark I

2-year warranty

The Moonlander is a serious investment in your future well being, and our warranty policy reflects this. We proudly offer a two-year, no-BS, no fine-print warranty on our keyboards.

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