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Why doesn’t the Halfmoon ship with outer legs?

Sharp-eyed customers will note that the Halfmoon only ships with "inner" legs, to allow you to tent the board. It does, however, have metal threads on the outside for a set of "outer" legs. So, why don't we ship those legs with the board?

The short answer is wrist extension. If we provided these legs by default, the obvious thing to do with them would be to angle up the back side of the board. This creates an opportunity for pain over time, and isn't very ergonomic.

Another important reason we don't offer external legs is because using negative tilt, it is easy to put too much stress on the board's USB-C cable and connector. You end up squishing the end of the cable against your desk, bending it, and messing up the cable (and potentially even the port on the keyboard itself, resulting in a potentially expensive repair).

So rather than include them with the board, we decided to offer them as an option. We don't use them ourselves and don't particularly recommend them, but if your use case calls for these legs, they're available on our accessory section. Just be careful not to squish that cable.

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