A Call for Artists

Help us celebrate the Halfmoon with a collaborative art project: A premium deck of playing cards!

ZSA Cards

The ultimate pocket gaming system. A premium-quality deck with 120 cards divided into eight suits, allowing you to play thousands of different games.

Operates in virtual virtual reality (also known as “real life”).

A Collaborative Art Project

A deck of cards is a unique canvas, as it allows us to celebrate multiple visual artists with diverse styles in one place.

If you’re a talented artist, we would like to invite you to design some of our cards and be featured. This is a fully paid project, and you will also be getting a Project Halfmoon unit for free, in addition to the pay.

Download the full project specification and fill out the form below to apply.

Artist Brief

An in-depth guide to the project that shows exactly what we’re trying to create. We recommend reading before applying.

Download Artist Brief

The Halfmoon

Not a keyboard: An ultra-powerful macro pad. Free up desk space and boost your productivity in creative apps by setting up your own macros and favorite actions.

More about the Halfmoon

Join Us

This is a fully paid project, with a bonus of our newest product, a Halfmoon.

  • Download and read the Artist Brief above.
  • Put together links to art you’ve created that’s relevant to the project.
  • Fill out the form below, outlining your vision, sharing those links, and setting your price.
  • We’ll get back to the seven applicants who seem like the best fit to begin the project.

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