Getting Started

What's in the box

Keyboard: Both halves, with the Wing wrist rest attached.

3.5mm TRRS cable: Goes between both halves of the board. TRRS stands for tip-ring-ring-sleeve (the connector type) and can be replaced with any other TRRS cable if you want to customize or extend it. We recommend a maximum length of two meters (about 6ft).

USB Type-C cable: Use this to plug the keyboard in.

Key puller: Use it to remove keycaps and keyswitches, to customize your board over time.

Extra keycaps: Decide if you want the bump on the F and J keys, or if you want the label on the bottom left key.

Hex key: Use it to loosen the screw on the thumb cluster before you adjust its angle, then tighten it back down.

Carrying case: Use it folded for a compact (and thicker) footprint, or place it in your backpack unfolded, for a flatter distribution.

Or, here's a video that goes over what's in the box in greater detail: