Configuring the keyboard type on macOS

When you first plug your Planck EZ into a Mac, you might get the following Keyboard Setup Assistant.

Keyboard Setup Assistant

macOS trying to work out which of the three standard keyboard layouts this keyboard uses: ISO (European), ANSI (American) or JIS (Japanese).

This is purely the physical layout of the keyboard keys and nothing to do with your regional settings (e.g. whether when you hit Shift+3 you get a # like in the US, or a £ like in the UK) — that’s all configured separately in your OS. If you’re interested, you can read more about this on Wikipedia.

Your board corresponds to ANSI, but macOS won’t let us just tell it that: It wants to try and identify the keyboard type by asking you to press the keys next to the left and right Shift keys:

Keyboard Setup Assistant

In the default layout the key to the right of the left Shift is Z (be sure to tap it and not hold it: By default, holding it acts as Ctrl), and the key to the left of the right shift is /.

If this is successful, your Planck EZ should get correctly identified as ANSI:

Keyboard Setup Assistant

If for some reason you can’t get it to recognize your keypresses, you can skip the previous step by pressing some obviously wrong keys (e.g. the F key) and it’ll ask you to choose the keyboard type you want:

Keyboard Setup Assistant

 Now you get to specify ANSI explicitly:

Keyboard Setup Assistant

And you're done! Laid out like this, the macOS setup procedure looks long; in effect, it takes just a few moments and you're ready to rock with your new Planck EZ.

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