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Who is responsible for customs, duties and taxes?

If you're ordering from the US, there are no import duties (that's thanks to US regulations).

If you're ordering from the EU, the government requires you to pay customs and handling charges. Commonly, the local shipping company will collect these fees upon arrival. We cannot estimate or charge these fees in advance, nor do we control them. These charges are unrelated to the shipping charge.

Note that some orders may ship in several parcels (for example, if you're ordering a keyboard together with a Satellite, those ship separately). This would require you to pay any "flat" import fees twice, once per parcel.

If you're ordering from Canada, the government requires you to pay sales tax at the time of purchase, and you must pay sales tax again when you receive your keyboard, since your order is shipped from Taiwan by another company. The courier will also charge for handling (usually under $20 CAD). We will refund the second sales tax charge, but not the handling charges from the courier. For us to refund the second sales tax charge, please send us a copy of the receipt from the courier.

If you're ordering from elsewhere (Brazil, Mexico, India, anywhere else in the world), it is almost certain you will have to pay customs and handling charges.

We understand that taxes can be frustrating, but if you order a keyboard and then change your mind because of the taxes your country charges, it means we have to pay UPS to ship it back to us. Therefore, we cannot issue a full refund.

You can try to get an estimate of these taxes by searching for "Duty Calculator" (we don't link to a specific one as each country has its own, usually). The HS code for our keyboards is 847160, and we ship from Taiwan.

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