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What if the courier loses my parcel or it gets stolen?

We ship our boards with a signature requirement. If a signature is required on your parcel and it is lost or stolen, the courier will reimburse us, and thus we will be able to refund you. If, however, you contact the courier and explicitly ask them to waive the signature requirement on your parcel, and it then gets stolen (it happens!) we will not be able to refund you in full, but only 50% of your purchase price. In other words, please do not waive the signature requirement on your parcel -- it is there so we can refund you if it gets lost or stolen.

If you suspect that your package was lost or stolen, call the courier right away and then let us know. Usually, the courier will start an investigation, and if they find the package, they'll deliver it to you. If they don't find it, we'll file a claim for reimbursement when they've completed their investigation, and then we can reship your keyboard or issue you a refund. This process can take a couple weeks or longer (up to six weeks for orders shipped around late December).

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