What does the Moonlander sound like?

That's a deeper question than it seems on the surface. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Mechanical keyboards are not silent. Even if you get a quiet keyswitch such as the linear Kailh Silver, you will still get plastic-on-plastic "thwacking" sounds if you're an energetic typist. While you will have the quietest typing experience with linear switches, you will also have to type quite softly.
  • Sometimes, keyswitches "ping" on the upstroke. Not just clicky switches — this also happens with linear and tactile switches. It isn't a defect, that's just what they sound like. See the first point above — mechanical parts make all sorts of noises, by their nature.
  • Keyboards made years apart will sound different, even if they're specced out exactly the same. Same switches, same color, same lighting — different sound. We don't actually know why that is. Sound is an extremely complicated topic, and it is not a factor we can optimize for in manufacturing. We optimize for ergonomics, repairability, sustainability — carefully "tuning" each keyboard for sound would simply make our keyboards too expensive to make.

All of this is to say that if you have very particular audio preferences, we cannot guarantee that our keyboards would serve your needs. To be a bit Zen about it: They sound what they sound like.

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