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How do I clean my keyboard?

Washing your hands frequently is probably the easiest way to keep your Moonlander clean. For dust and debris, keep a compressed air can handy and just blow it off. You can wipe it down regularly with a dry microfiber cloth. If it needs more cleaning than that, use a barely damp microfiber cloth followed by a clean dry cloth.

To thoroughly clean the keycaps, you can remove them and wash them with warm water, by hand (don't run them through your dishwasher!). If needed, while washing you can also gently wipe the keycaps with a moistened microfiber cloth (the kind you'd use to clean glasses or other device screens). Of course, make sure the keycaps are completely dry before installing them again.

Do not use soap, straight isopropyl alcohol or denture cleaning tabs — those might damage the keycaps and the housing of the Moonlander.

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