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What keycaps come with the Halfmoon?

The Halfmoon ships with our "blank" keycaps, 1u "line" keycaps in OEM profiles Row 0 to Row 4. We also created the 1.5u vertical "piano keys" on the thumb cluster, as well as the 2u red "Launch/Any" keys specifically for the Moonlander and Halfmoon. The Launch/Any key ships with a Costar stabilizer, which you can remove if you'd like (it’s quite stable without it). You can replace it with any Cherry-compatible 2u keycap, and replace the "piano keys" with any Cherry-compatible 1.5u keycap.

All keycaps are precision-injected,high-quality PBT plastic, made in a doubleshot manufacturing process (i.e., the characters are physically baked into the keys, not printed). They're made for us by Tai-Hao, a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-end custom keycaps.

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