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What’s in the box (and what isn’t)?

With a Project Halfmoon unit, you get:

  • The left half of a Moonlander with the keyswitches of your choice.
  • Blank, sculpted keycaps. The unit comes in black or white, and the keycaps match the color of the unit.
  • A keycap and keyswitch puller.
  • A USB-C cable.
  • A USB C-to-A dongle.
  • A hex key for adjusting the tenting angle of the unit’s thumb cluster.
  • A Wing Stub matching the color of the unit, which allows you to remove the included wrist rest for a leaner look.

Not in the box are the right keyboard half that comes with a full Moonlander order, as well as the interconnecting TRRS cable and carrying case.

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