Change your own keyswitches

No soldering required

Next-level customization, out of the box

One board. Unlimited switches.

We love keyboards, so we get you. Picking the right switch for your board is hard. It‘s usually a choice you get to make just once. Then, those switches get soldered onto the board, and that‘s it (unless you‘re handy with a soldering iron, that is).

This is not the case with the Moonlander. The switches aren‘t soldered on: They sit in special sockets. The board comes with a tool in the box that lets you pull switches out anytime, so you can just pop new ones in.

With the Moonlander, you can launch an exploration mission into the universe of mechanical keyswitches!

Changing your keyswitches

Use the right tool for the jobYour keyboard comes with a double-sided key puller, designed to make it easy and safe to pull out both keycaps and the keyswitches that lie under them. Before you begin, make sure you have this key puller to hand.
Use the right tool for the job
Pull out the keycapsFirst, you’re going to have to pull out your keycaps. Use the “wire loop” side of the key puller for this.
  • Place the puller over the keycap and push down
  • The wires will part and “hug” the keycap from below
  • Pull directly up, gently but firmly
Pull out the keycaps
Grasping a keyswitch correctlyNow comes the fun part. Here, orientation matters: Insert the tweezers under the switch where you see the little tabs.
Grasping a keyswitch correctly
Pulling it outSqueeze the tweezers around the switch and pull up with a smooth upward motion. The keyswitch will come out - victory!
Pulling it out
Inserting a new switchOnce you have your switch out, you’ll see the socket. Before you insert the new switch in, make sure its pins are straight and that it’s correctly oriented. Then, simply push straight down, and the switch will click into place.
Inserting a new switch
You’ve got it!Repeat for as many keys as you‘d like. Then, bask in the satisfaction of a job well done: You just did something most mechanical keyboard owners can‘t.
You’ve got it!
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