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47 keys is all you‘re going to need

What if we could make the simplest keyboard imaginable, while still packing all the power that’s behind the ErgoDox EZ? A keyboard that can change as your typing habits change, that comes with lights and change-it-yourself mechanical keyswitches, and that’s a joy to travel with?

Meet the Planck EZ.

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Comparison: Planck EZ vs. OLKB Planck

Plug it in and go

No matter where you land, the Planck EZ takes seconds to set up. Pull it out, plug it in, and you’re in business. You don’t even need a desk: It’s small enough to rest on top of your laptop keyboard.

Using it is a snap too: The design requires minimal finger and wrist movement. Every key is within easy reach.

Planck keyboard with cable

The Planck EZ is the ultimate in portability. It is a compact and powerful beast of a keyboard, one we're proud to bring to the world.

All of your keys, in less space


If we asked you to close your eyes and draw a keyboard from memory, you’d probably end up with something that’s remarkably close to the Planck EZ.

The Planck EZ takes that archetypal notion of what a keyboard is, and shrinks it down to its compact and powerful essentials: Small, but mighty.


Jack Humbert took the notion of ortholinear keyboards and made it wildly popular among the tight-knit community of keyboard enthusiasts.

Ortholinear keyboards are popular because they work: Having a grid of keys minimizes finger movement and can help when learning the layout.

The Planck EZ is the mature, warranty-backed iteration of an idea that started as a group-buy for two metal plates back in 2014 — it's everything I've been wanting to put into the Planck and more.

Planck keyboard connected via USB
Planck EZ

Floating keyswitches over a thin base

The Planck EZ celebrates the mechanical switches that power your every keystroke. They’re firmly mounted within a supportive framework, but the top half of each keyswitch floats over the board, there for all to see.

Change it yourself

Gain ultimate control over your hardware: Change any keyswitch on your Planck EZ, at any time, without soldering and without voiding the warranty. Your keyboard, your switches, your way.

A wide selection

Should your keyboard be clicky, or whisper-quiet? Are you an energetic typist, or do your fingers effortlessly glide over the keys, barely touching as you commit your ideas to writing?

No matter your personal typing style, we’ve got the perfect keyswitch to support it. Pick what works for you.


8Cherry MXSwitch Varieties

5KailhSwitch Varieties

Planck EZ SwitchesPlanck EZ Switches

Fits in your pocket

  • Dimensions
  • Width234mm
  • Height28mm
  • Depth82mm

The Planck EZ can fit in a coat pocket, and will have no trouble finding a cozy spot in your bag.

This board talks back

The Planck EZ incorporates two bright status LEDs, as well as a buzzer that can play Gameboy-style chiptunes. Of course, you can also keep it completely silent (but where’s the fun in that?).

It Talks back

It glows

USB cable
Programmable RGB LED under every switchProgrammable RGB LED under every switch

Programmable RGB LED under every switch

The Planck EZ comes with gorgeously fluid animations out of the box, and you can also highlight individual keys or an entire layer with static colors.


to learn for


Highlight just the keys that are active in the current layer, or the whole layer, in any color you choose.

Planck EZ for PhotoshopPlanck EZ for GamingPlanck EZ for Writing

Powerful open-source firmware

Click the cards to learn more.

Open-source firmware

Open-source firmware

The powerful firmware that runs on the Planck EZ is called QMK, and it’s open-source, available on GitHub.

While you can use our configurator to quickly put together a layout, having complete access to the firmware source code means you can dig as deep as you’d like.

Streamlined configuration

Streamlined configuration

You don't have to code to customize the Planck EZ. Oryx is free, simple, and powerful. Point-and-click your way to the ultimate keyboard layout.

Multiple layers

Multiple layers

Need easy access to your F-keys?

Want a mechanical numpad?

Need programmer-friendly
symbols right on your home row?

Layers make it easy. It's like a Shift key on steroids.

Remap any key

Remap any key

Don't like where something is? Move it. All keys can be remapped and reassigned, and most people iterate over their layouts until they're just right.

Mouse control

Mouse control

The Planck EZ can emulate a mouse. Tap, tap, point, click. You decide where the mouse keys are.

Combo keys

Combo keys

Create dedicated keys for those
RSI-inducing key combinations found in industry-standard software. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W suddenly takes just a single keystroke.

Dual-function keys

Dual-function keys

Tap your Z key, and it sends the letter Z as expected. Press and hold it down, and it becomes Alt.

That’s the power of dual-function keys.
When tapped, they send a character. When held, they act as a modifier. Alt, Ctrl, and friends have never been easier to reach.

Space Cadet Shift

Space Cadet Shift

Use your Shift key for more. Press and hold it, and it acts as Shift. Tap it on its own, and it sends parentheses — open parens on the Left Shift, close parens on the Right Shift.

This feature not enabled by default but is trivial to enable using Oryx.

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Unlock the power of system-wide shortcuts.

Hyper is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win/Cmd, while Meh is Ctrl+Shift+Alt. No sane application on your machine uses these, which means you get free system-wide shortcuts.

Hyper+S will never conflict with anything on your system.

On-the-fly macros

On-the-fly macros

Record macros on the fly into one of two slots, then play them back with a keystroke. They're ephemeral and local — removed when the keyboard loses power.

Works with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
No special drivers or resident software needed.

Moonlander Mark I

2-year warranty

The Planck is a serious investment in your future well being, and our warranty policy reflects this. We proudly offer a two-year, no-BS, no fine-print warranty on our keyboards.

We also fully support the Right to Repair, and offer parts for all of our keyboards.