Tisha Talks Red, and the Right to Repair
MAY 2021
The Ergo

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I'm not in the Cicada belt (is that a term now?), but as I'm typing these words outside, summer sounds surround me. The birds are going nuts, and I can hear the wind in the trees. I love this time of year.

This month's big announcement is all about repairing your keyboard, so that you can keep using it for years and years. Together with open-source firmware and a serious warranty, this means every keyboard we make can stay useful for that much longer. Also, Tisha Talks Switches: Red is now out!

I really enjoyed David's interview (below), and my favorite link this month has to be the one about internal combustion engines. So good. I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and as always, feel free to just reply to the email or send me a note at ez@zsa.io.

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Supporting the Right to Repair

Supporting the Right to Repair

Get your parts right here

We've got a serious warranty, but we wanted to take things a step further. You can now get spare parts for all of our keyboards, right down to the component level. Yay for repair!

Supporting the Right to Repair

Featured Interview

David Krakauer

President of the Santa Fe Institute
SFI was founded by a group of Nobel laureates and their collaborators as the first research institute dedicated to the analysis of complex systems. David shares his puzzle-rich work environment, where he takes care not to get too comfortable.
My EZ is such an unforgiving taskmaster that I keep it at home, where no one sees my countless typing mistakes. Having said that, it does make my writing deliberative in a rather sensual way and moves my brain around like an impossible puzzle.
Read the interview

Layout of the month: Colemak-DHk Moonlander

This layout has a few priorities: (1) Make everything on the home row. Colemak-DHk and layer configuration is all about this. (2) Make typing responsive and snappy. All primary keys have one function on the primary layer. (3) Use everything the Moonlander has to offer. There's even a dedicated "Music" layer to jam out with chiptunes or play with color themes. (4) Make extended symbols and behavior one keystroke away. All the good stuff is on home row (see #1)

Things we liked

Each one's unique

Now that it's so sunny and warm, of course my thoughts turn to snow. Feed this generator with a few simple parameters, and see what happens. A thing of beauty.

Find images with a similar vibe

A visual search engine. Start with a tag, then click around to refine the vibe and mood. It's almost like an instant mood board.

The Musical Time Machine

Pick a spot on the globe and a decade — and hear music from that time and place. Algeria from the 1920s? You've got it. Music from 1960s Zambia is pretty catchy, too.

A meditation in three dimensions

So much craft went into this page. It's a comprehensive writeup on how internal combustion engines work, but the graphics are an absolute standout. 3D models that you can rotate, with sliders to make the different engine parts move and work. Incredible.

The open-source Calendly alternative

I think we might switch over to Calendso for our own team. Self-hosted, open-source, simple appointment scheduling.

Wallpaper of the month

Keycap seems happy with new keyboard. Yay! As always, available for mobile as well.
Get "Keycap"
Includes multiple resolutions

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading!
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