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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my Moonlander?

Estimating delivery time right now is slightly tricky, because:

  • We got a crazy rush of orders as soon as we launched. Response has been truly humbling.
  • We make each unit to order.
  • This is a brand-new product for us, and our quality standards are extremely high. We are taking our time with each individual unit and making sure it is up to our requirements.
  • We have a production team of highly skilled and valued people, and we need to keep them both safe and sane.

We wish we could give you a hard timeline but that's all we have at the moment... We are working super hard to send you an amazing board ASAP, and it is first come, first serve. Keyboards are already being made, and yours will come as soon as it's ready.

Where do you ship?

Our keyboards ship to most countries in the world. We use UPS, DHL and TNT to get your keyboards to you quickly and safely. We ship from Taiwan. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping for keyboards is free, woohoo! This is courier shipping to anywhere in the world, fast and fully tracked.

Shipping for accessories is priced per accessory and clearly shown on the checkout.

Who is responsible for customs, duties and taxes?

If you're ordering from the US, there are no import duties (that's thanks to US regulations).

If you're ordering from the EU, the government requires you to pay customs and handling charges. Commonly, the local shipping company will collect these fees upon arrival. We cannot estimate or charge these fees in advance, nor do we control them. These charges are unrelated to the shipping charge.

If you're ordering from Canada, the government requires you to pay HST at the time of purchase, and you must pay HST again when you receive your keyboard, since we ship your order from Taiwan by another company. The courier will also charge for handling around $11 CAD. We will refund the second HST charge, but not the handling charges from the courier. For us to refund the second HST charge, please send us a copy of the receipt from the courier.

If you're ordering from elsewhere (Brazil, Mexico, India, anywhere else in the world), it is almost certain you will have to pay customs and handling charges.

We understand that taxes can be frustrating, but if you order a keyboard and then change your mind because of the taxes your country charges, it means we have to pay UPS to ship it back to us. Therefore, we cannot to issue a full refund.

You can try to get an estimate of these taxes by searching for "Duty Calculator" (we don't link to a specific one as each country has its own, usually). The HS code for our keyboards is 8471.60.20, and we ship from Taiwan.

What happens if I don't sign for my keyboard when it arrives?

We ship each of our keyboards individually by courier from Taiwan.  When it arrives, the signature is required (it would not just be left on your door).

We would then refund you the cost of the keyboard, minus $97 shipping fees (the typical cost of a round-trip by courier).

What cables ship with the Moonlander?

The Moonlander comes with a USB C-to-C cable, which is 210 cm long. Included in the box is a USB C-to-A dongle which you can attach to the end of the cable, if your computer does not have a USB Type-C port. There's also an interconnect cable for plugging the right half into the left one. This is a TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) cable with a 3.5mm "headphone" plug on either end, and it's 70cm long.

What keyswitches work with the "change-it-yourself" feature?

Any plate-mounted Cherry-compatible keyswitch will work. PCB-mounted switches could work too, but they are not always a snug fit.

What are the physical dimensions of the Moonlander?

The width of each half of the Moonlander is 17cm.

The depth of each half is 25cm, including the Wing (excluding the Wing, that would be 17cm).

The height of the board, including the keycaps, is 3cm.

What is your warranty policy?

We cover our keyboards with our extensive 2-year warranty from original purchase date for the original buyer (the warranty is non-transferable). As long as you don't take the board apart or physically break it, you should be covered.

If you feel that something isn't working right, or have questions regarding our warranty, please contact us.

Can I return the keyboard?

Absolutely! We have a 30-day return window from the time you get the keyboard. Read our full return policy.

Can I have the keyboard with no keyswitches? I already have some.

When we make the unit, we have to put all the switches in and test each key to make sure it works. And then for a switchless variant, we have to pull them all out again. So we would end up doing more work per unit, but can't justify charging more because we’re shipping you less stuff.

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